Summer is a wonderful time to embrace the beauty of nature and inject some vibrant and cheery elements into your Hay Day farm. Whether you are a seasoned farmer or a newbie, adding a touch of summer decor can bring a refreshing ambiance to your virtual farm. To kickstart your summer decor journey, here are five essential decorations that will transform your Hay Day farm into a summer paradise.

1. Sunflowers: No summer decor is complete without the presence of bright and sunny sunflowers. These beautiful flowers will instantly add a pop of color and a touch of elegance to your farm. Place them near the entrance or scatter them throughout your farm to create a picturesque landscape that will make your visitors swoon. Sunflowers not only add beauty but also attract bees, which can enhance pollination and boost your crop production.

2. Gazebo: A gazebo is a must-have item for any farm looking to create a cozy outdoor space. Not only does it provide shade during hot summer days, but it also serves as a gathering spot for your friends and fellow farmers. Arrange some chairs and tables under the gazebo and adorn them with colorful tablecloths and fresh flowers to create a welcoming atmosphere. This decorative addition will surely become the focal point of your farm, where farmers can relax, chat, and enjoy the summer breeze.

3. Hammock: Create a relaxing corner in your farm by hanging a hammock between two sturdy trees. This will be the perfect spot to unwind after a long day of hard work on the farm. Take breaks and enjoy a peaceful nap with the soothing sound of nature surrounding you. Don’t forget to place some throw pillows and a lightweight blanket for added comfort and style.

4. Barbeque Area: Summer is synonymous with barbeques and outdoor grilling. Set up a barbeque area in your Hay Day farm to host fun and tasty gatherings. Invest in a grill, picnic tables, and benches to provide a space for farmers to enjoy delicious grilled treats and spend quality time together. Enhance the ambiance by adding string lights or lanterns to make the evenings even more magical.

5. Water Feature: A water feature, such as a small pond or a fountain, can instantly elevate the visual appeal of your farm while creating a serene and calming atmosphere. The sound of trickling water will add tranquility to your farm, making it an oasis of relaxation. You could even consider adding some fish or water plants to your pond, further enriching the beauty of the feature.

Now that you have some ideas for summer decorations, let’s move on to a list of 20 questions and answers to help you navigate the world of Hay Day farm decor.

1. How can I rotate decorations in Hay Day?
In Hay Day, you can rotate decorations by tapping and holding the decoration you want to rotate. Once the decoration is selected, swipe your finger in a circular motion to rotate it in the desired direction.

2. Are decorations purely aesthetic or do they have any gameplay benefits?
While most decorations in Hay Day are purely aesthetic, some do have gameplay benefits. For example, certain decorations like the sunflowers attract bees, resulting in increased crop production.

3. Can I sell or remove decorations once I place them?
Yes, you can sell or remove decorations anytime you want. Simply tap on the decoration and select the option to sell or remove it. However, keep in mind that selling a decoration will only give you back a percentage of the original purchase price.

4. Can I customize the color or appearance of decorations in Hay Day?
No, you cannot customize the color or appearance of decorations in Hay Day. Each decoration comes with a predetermined design and color scheme.

5. Can I move decorations after placing them?
Yes, you have the freedom to move decorations as many times as you want. Simply tap on the decoration, and with your finger, drag it to the desired location.

6. How can I earn more coins to buy decorations?
To earn more coins for decorations in Hay Day, focus on completing orders, selling crops, and fulfilling requests from visitors. Additionally, participating in the Derby and selling items through the roadside shop can also generate extra income.

7. Can I earn decorations as rewards or bonuses in Hay Day?
Yes, you can earn decorations as rewards or bonuses through special events and achievements in Hay Day. Keep an eye out for seasonal events that offer unique decorations and complete tasks to earn them.

8. Can decorations be damaged or destroyed?
No, decorations in Hay Day cannot be damaged or destroyed. Once placed, they will remain in your farm as long as you desire.

9. Are there any limited-edition or exclusive decorations in Hay Day?
Yes, Hay Day introduces limited-edition or exclusive decorations during special events or updates. These decorations are often themed and give your farm a unique touch for a limited time.

10. Can decorations be stacked or overlapped?
No, decorations in Hay Day cannot be stacked or overlapped. They have fixed positions and cannot be placed on top of each other.

11. How many decorations can I have in my farm?
In Hay Day, the number of decorations you can have on your farm depends on your farm level. As you level up, you unlock more land expansions, allowing you to place additional decorations.

12. Can I share my farm with friends who also play Hay Day?
Yes, you can share your farm with friends who play Hay Day by connecting your game to Facebook or Game Center. This allows your friends to visit and interact with your farm.

13. How often does the available selection of decorations change in the shop?
The available selection of decorations in the shop changes periodically. It is recommended to check the shop on a regular basis to see new additions or limited-time offers.

14. Are there any seasonal decorations in Hay Day?
Yes, Hay Day introduces seasonal decorations that align with real-world holidays and events. Seasonal decorations add a festive touch to your farm and are usually available for a limited time.

15. Can I earn XP (experience points) by placing decorations?
No, placing decorations does not earn you XP in Hay Day. XP is primarily earned through harvesting crops, completing orders, and engaging in other farming activities.

16. Are there any specific decorations that can attract more visitors to my farm?
While there are no specific decorations that attract more visitors, having a well-designed and visually appealing farm with various decorations can create a positive impression and potentially attract more visitors.

17. Can I gift decorations to my Hay Day friends?
No, you cannot directly gift decorations to your Hay Day friends. However, you can exchange and gift other items through the in-game mailbox.

18. Can I rotate or change the placement of the gazebo or other fixed decorations?
No, fixed decorations like the gazebo cannot be rotated or repositioned once placed. Make sure to carefully decide their placement before confirming.

19. Can I preview how a decoration will look in my farm before purchasing it?
Yes, you can preview how a decoration will look in your farm before purchasing it. In the shop, tap on a decoration and select the preview option to see how it would appear in your current farm layout.

20. Are there any tips or tricks for decorating my Hay Day farm efficiently?
To decorate your Hay Day farm efficiently, plan your layout in advance and consider organizing decorations in thematic areas. Use pathways, fences, or trees as natural dividers to create visual interest. Experiment with different combinations and regularly rotate decorations to keep your farm visually appealing.

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