From Crocs to Tevas: 5 Ugly Shoe Styles Making a Comeback

In the world of fashion, trends tend to come and go. What was once considered frumpy and unattractive, often finds its way back into the spotlight. This phenomenon is particularly true when it comes to footwear. Ugly shoe styles, which were once dismissed as fashion faux-pas, are now making a surprising comeback. Here, we take a look at five infamous shoe styles that are reclaiming their place in the fashion world.

1. Crocs
Love them or hate them, Crocs have undeniably made a lasting impression in the footwear industry. Initially introduced as practical, rubber clogs for gardening and outdoor activities, they quickly became infamous for their divisive appearance. However, despite the initial backlash, Crocs have become a global sensation in recent years. With celebrities and influencers donning these comfortable shoes, the style is making a comeback and is even being reimagined by high-end designers.

2. Birkenstocks
Known for their distinctive cork footbed and wide leather straps, Birkenstocks were once primarily associated with comfort rather than style. However, these orthopedic sandals have experienced a resurgence in popularity, thanks to their durable construction and timeless design. Many fashion-forward individuals now embrace this once “ugly” shoe style as a staple in their wardrobes.

3. Platform shoes
Platform shoes were a staple of ’70s fashion before falling out of favor in subsequent decades. These shoes, characterized by their thick soles that elevate the wearer, are now making a comeback in various forms. From chunky sneakers to bold heeled boots, platform shoes have regained popularity for adding a touch of retro flair to modern outfits.

4. Tevas
Often associated with outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers, Tevas sandals were long considered a functional, but unattractive shoe option. However, with the rise of athleisure fashion, these sporty sandals have made a surprising resurgence. Tevas are now being embraced by fashion-conscious individuals who appreciate their practicality and utilitarian charm.

5. Ugly sneakers
Gone are the days when sneakers had to be pristine, white, and sleek. The trend of “ugly sneakers” has taken the fashion world by storm. These sneakers, often characterized by their chunky soles and eclectic color combinations, are now considered stylish and sought-after. Many luxury fashion houses have even released their own versions of this once-unfashionable shoe style.


1. Why have Crocs become popular again?
Answer: Crocs have become popular again due to endorsements by celebrities and influencers, as well as their undeniable comfort and practicality.

2. What makes Birkenstocks stand out?
Answer: Birkenstocks are known for their distinctive cork footbed and wide leather straps, distinguishing them from other sandal styles.

3. When did platform shoes first gain popularity?
Answer: Platform shoes gained popularity in the 1970s before falling out of fashion in subsequent decades.

4. What has contributed to the resurgence of Tevas sandals?
Answer: The rise of athleisure fashion and the appreciation of utilitarian charm have contributed to the resurgence of Tevas sandals.

5. What defines “ugly sneakers”?
Answer: “Ugly sneakers” are characterized by chunky soles and eclectic color combinations, deviating from the traditional sleek and pristine sneaker aesthetic.

6. Who are some celebrities that have been spotted wearing Crocs?
Answer: Some celebrities spotted wearing Crocs include Justin Bieber, Post Malone, and Bad Bunny.

7. Do Birkenstocks come in different styles?
Answer: Yes, Birkenstocks come in a variety of styles, including sandals, clogs, and boots, catering to different fashion preferences.

8. Are platform shoes suitable for daily wear?
Answer: Platform shoes can be suitable for daily wear, depending on the style and individual comfort preferences.

9. Why are Tevas popular among outdoor enthusiasts?
Answer: Tevas are popular among outdoor enthusiasts due to their durability, functionality, and ability to withstand various terrains.

10. Can “ugly sneakers” be worn with formal attire?
Answer: While “ugly sneakers” are typically associated with casual wear, there is growing acceptance of wearing them with formal attire, especially in streetwear and high fashion circles.

11. Are Crocs considered eco-friendly?
Answer: Crocs are made from a proprietary foam resin, which is not biodegradable. However, the company has made efforts to reduce their environmental impact by implementing recycling programs.

12. What other styles have made a comeback in the footwear industry?
Answer: Other shoe styles that have made a comeback include jelly sandals, mules, Mary Janes, and even gladiator sandals.

13. When did Birkenstocks first become popular?
Answer: Birkenstocks first gained popularity in the 1960s, known for their comfort and orthopedic support.

14. Are platform shoes comfortable to wear?
Answer: Platform shoes can vary in comfort depending on the brand, design, and individual fit. It’s essential to find a pair that provides proper support and cushioning for long-term comfort.

15. Are Tevas suitable for water-based activities?
Answer: Yes, Tevas are designed to be worn in and around water, making them suitable for water-based activities such as hiking, rafting, or beach trips.

16. Can “ugly sneakers” be affordable?
Answer: “Ugly sneakers” come in a range of price points, with some luxury brands offering high-end options, while more affordable alternatives are also available from various shoe brands.

17. What is the appeal of Crocs?
Answer: The appeal of Crocs lies in their comfort, versatility, and ease of wear. They can be slipped on quickly, making them convenient for various activities or for those who prefer hassle-free footwear.

18. Are Birkenstocks unisex?
Answer: Yes, Birkenstocks are designed to be unisex and are available in a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate different genders.

19. Can platform shoes be flattering for shorter individuals?
Answer: Platform shoes can visually elongate the legs, making them potentially flattering for shorter individuals. However, personal style preferences and comfort should always be the primary consideration.

20. What types of events or occasions are “ugly sneakers” suitable for?
Answer: “Ugly sneakers” are often worn for casual or streetwear-oriented events, but their increasing acceptance in high fashion has seen them being paired with more formal attire, making them suitable for a broader range of occasions.

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