The Benefits of Using Purple Shampoo: L’oreal’s Top Picks

Purple shampoo has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially among those with blonde or gray hair. This specialized shampoo is designed to help neutralize brassiness and keep hair color looking fresh and vibrant. L’oreal, a leading brand in the hair care industry, offers a range of purple shampoos that cater to various hair types and concerns. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using purple shampoo, and take a closer look at L’oreal’s top picks.

1. Neutralizes Brassiness: One of the primary reasons people turn to purple shampoo is its ability to neutralize unwanted brassy tones in the hair. Over time, blonde and gray hair can develop a yellow or orange tint due to factors such as exposure to sunlight, minerals in water, or chemical processes. Purple shampoo works by depositing purple pigments onto the hair strands, which counteract the warm tones and restore a cooler, more ash-toned color.

2. Brightens Blonde Hair: Purple shampoo can also help brighten and enhance blonde hair shades. By neutralizing brassiness and highlighting the cool undertones, it leaves the hair looking more vibrant and salon-fresh. Whether you have platinum blonde, honey blonde, or any shade in between, using a purple shampoo can help maintain that desired brightness.

3. Revives Gray Hair: Gray hair can sometimes appear dull or yellowish, which can be frustrating for those who want their gray locks to look more silver or ash-toned. Purple shampoo can effectively rejuvenate gray hair, bringing back its cool and luminous silver hues. Regular use of a purple shampoo can help maintain a more polished and youthful look.

4. Gentle on Hair: L’oreal’s purple shampoos are formulated to be gentle on the hair while still delivering results. They usually contain moisturizing ingredients that help nourish and hydrate the hair, preventing it from becoming dry or brittle. This makes them suitable for regular use without causing damage or dryness.

5. Color Protection: Purple shampoo not only enhances the color of blonde or gray hair but also helps preserve it. The purple pigments in the shampoo act as a barrier, protecting the hair from environmental factors that may cause color fading or brassiness. Using a purple shampoo as part of your hair care routine can extend the life of your hair color, so you can enjoy your desired shade for longer.

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of using purple shampoo, let’s explore L’oreal’s top picks:

1. L’oreal Professional Silver Shampoo: This iconic purple shampoo is known for its efficacy in neutralizing unwanted yellow tones in blonde or gray hair. It leaves the hair looking radiant and refreshed.

2. L’oreal Elvive Color Vibrancy Purple Shampoo: Designed for color-treated hair, this purple shampoo helps counteract brassiness and extends the vibrancy of hair color.

3. L’oreal EverPure Brass Toning Purple Shampoo: This sulfate-free purple shampoo is perfect for those with sensitive scalps. It gently cleanses while neutralizing brassiness, leaving the hair soft and shiny.

4. L’oreal Serie Expert Magnesium Silver Neutralising Shampoo: Specifically formulated for gray and white hair, this purple shampoo helps neutralize yellow tones and enhances the hair’s natural shine.

5. L’oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Blondifier Cool Shampoo: This purple shampoo is enriched with acai berry extract and violet pigments, making it a great choice for those with cool blonde tones. It revitalizes the hair, leaving it bright and refreshed.


List of Questions and Answers:

1. Can purple shampoo be used on all hair colors?

Purple shampoo is specifically designed for blonde or gray hair, as it helps neutralize brassiness. It may not have the same effect on other hair colors.

2. How often should I use purple shampoo?

The frequency of use depends on the individual’s hair type and the desired result. As a general rule, using purple shampoo once or twice a week is sufficient to maintain the desired tone.

3. Will purple shampoo turn my hair purple?

No, purple shampoo is formulated with a low concentration of purple pigments that deposit only a subtle hint of color. It will not turn your hair purple if used correctly.

4. Can I use purple shampoo on dyed hair?

Yes, purple shampoo can be used on dyed hair. In fact, it can help maintain the desired tone and prevent color fading or brassiness.

5. Can I leave purple shampoo on for an extended period?

It is generally recommended to follow the instructions provided on the bottle. Leaving the shampoo on for too long may lead to an unwanted purple tint in the hair.

6. Will purple shampoo dry out my hair?

L’oreal’s purple shampoos are formulated to be gentle and moisturizing. However, it is recommended to follow up with a conditioner or hair mask to restore hydration after using any shampoo.

7. Can I use purple shampoo every day?

Using purple shampoo every day may lead to overly cool or ashy tones in the hair. It is best to use it once or twice a week to maintain the desired balance.

8. How long does it take to see results from purple shampoo?

Results may vary depending on the individual and their hair type. However, many people notice a difference after just one or two uses of purple shampoo.

9. Can I use purple shampoo on highlighted hair?

Yes, purple shampoo can be used on highlighted hair to help maintain the cool tones and prevent brassiness.

10. Will purple shampoo remove hair dye?

Purple shampoo is not designed to remove hair dye. Its primary purpose is to neutralize brassiness and enhance the desired color.

11. Can I use purple shampoo if I have dry scalp?

Yes, many purple shampoos, including those from L’oreal, are formulated to be gentle on the scalp. However, if you have a sensitive or dry scalp, it is always best to test the product and discontinue use if any irritation occurs.

12. Can I use purple shampoo on color-treated red hair?

Purple shampoo is not recommended for use on red hair, as it may interfere with the desired color and result in undesired tones.

13. Is purple shampoo suitable for men?

Yes, purple shampoo is suitable for both men and women, regardless of gender. It can effectively neutralize brassiness and maintain cool tones in any hair.

14. Can I use purple shampoo on natural brown hair?

While purple shampoo is mainly intended for blonde or gray hair, it can also be used on natural brown hair to neutralize any unwanted warm undertones.

15. Do all purple shampoos have the same effect?

Not all purple shampoos are created equal. Different brands and formulations may vary in their effectiveness and the intensity of the purple pigments.

16. Can I use purple shampoo on extensions?

It is best to consult the manufacturer or hairstylist regarding the use of purple shampoo on extensions. Some extensions may not react well to purple pigments.

17. Can purple shampoo replace regular shampoo in my routine?

Purple shampoo is not a substitute for regular shampoo. It is recommended to incorporate purple shampoo into your routine once or twice a week alongside your regular shampoo.

18. Can I dilute purple shampoo with regular shampoo?

If you find that the purple shampoo is too intense for your liking, you can try diluting it with regular shampoo to achieve a more subtle effect.

19. Can purple shampoo be used on chemically straightened or permed hair?

Purple shampoo can generally be used on chemically treated hair. However, it is always best to consult with a hairstylist or read the product label to ensure it is suitable for your specific treatment.

20. Should I use purple conditioner as well?

While purple shampoo is often sufficient to maintain cool tones, using a purple conditioner can provide additional toning and conditioning benefits. It is a personal preference, and you can choose to use one or both depending on your needs.

In conclusion, purple shampoo offers several benefits, including neutralizing brassiness, brightening blonde hair, and reviving gray hair. L’oreal’s top picks provide a range of options to cater to different hair types and concerns. Remember to follow the instructions and use purple shampoo in moderation to achieve the desired results.

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