The Ultimate Guide to Petite Plus Size Fashion: Styling Tips and Tricks

Petite plus size fashion is a rapidly growing market that caters to women who are shorter in height but carry more weight. This demographic often faces challenges when it comes to finding clothes that fit and flatter their bodies. In this ultimate guide, we will delve into the world of petite plus size fashion and provide you with essential styling tips and tricks to help you feel confident and fabulous.

1. What is considered petite plus size?
Petite plus size refers to women who are 5’4″ or under and wear sizes ranging from 12 to 22. It’s important to note that being petite or plus size does not automatically mean being one or the other. It’s the combination of both height and size that makes someone petite plus size.

2. Where can I find petite plus size clothing?
Thanks to the rise in demand, various brands now offer dedicated petite plus size ranges. Popular options include Lane Bryant, Torrid, Eloquii, and ASOS Curve to name a few. Additionally, many mainstream brands have expanded their sizes to cater to petite plus size women.

3. How do I determine my body shape?
Understanding your body shape is crucial when it comes to enhancing your best features. Common body shapes include apple, pear, hourglass, and rectangle. Take measurements of your bust, waist, and hips to determine your specific shape.

4. Which clothing styles flatter a petite plus size figure?
Empire waistlines, A-line dresses, and wrap tops are great options to create a slimming effect. V-necklines and vertical stripes elongate the body, while high-waisted bottoms and cropped jackets draw attention to the waist.

5. Should I avoid certain prints?
Petite plus size women can absolutely wear prints. However, it’s recommended to opt for smaller patterns to avoid overwhelming the frame. Floral prints, polka dots, and vertical stripes are popular choices.

6. What are some dos and don’ts of accessorizing?
Do experiment with statement jewelry and belts to draw attention to your best features. Don’t overwhelm your frame with oversized accessories. Opt for medium-sized handbags and avoid tiny clutches that can look disproportionate.

7. Can I wear heels as a petite plus size woman?
Definitely! Heels can elongate the legs and add confidence to any outfit. Look for heels with platform soles for added comfort. If heels aren’t your preference, opt for pointed-toe flats or boots, which create the illusion of length.

8. Are there any fashion rules I should follow as a petite plus size woman?
While fashion rules are ever-changing, it’s important to wear clothes that make you feel good. Experiment with trends, but also focus on finding classic pieces that can be styled in different ways. Remember, confidence is key!

9. How can I dress for a formal occasion?
For formal occasions, choose dresses with flattering necklines like halter or scoop necks. A long, flowy gown can create an illusion of height. Pair with a statement belt to define your waist.

10. Can I wear pants as a petite plus size woman?
Absolutely! Opt for high-waisted pants in a straight or wide-leg cut to create a longer silhouette. Pair with heels or wedges for added height.

11. Are there any specific undergarments I should consider?
Invest in well-fitting bras with proper support to enhance your shape. Shapewear can also provide a smooth foundation for your clothing, offering additional confidence.

12. What are some common mistakes to avoid?
Avoid oversized and shapeless clothing as they can overwhelm your frame. Steer clear of midi-length skirts as they can make you appear shorter. Lastly, never underestimate the power of tailoring. A few adjustments can make a huge difference.

13. Can I wear jumpsuits as a petite plus size woman?
Jumpsuits can be incredibly flattering for petite plus size women. Look for styles with cinched waists and cropped lengths to avoid overwhelming your frame. Pair with heels to lengthen your legs.

14. How can I incorporate color into my wardrobe?
Color is a great way to express yourself through fashion. Experiment with different shades, but stick to a cohesive color palette to create a more put-together look. Use color strategically to draw attention to your best features.

15. Should I avoid wearing certain fabrics?
Avoid stiff fabrics that add unnecessary volume. Opt for lightweight materials that drape well and create a more streamlined silhouette. Fabrics like jersey, crepe, and silk blends are great options.

16. Can I wear bodycon dresses?
Absolutely! Bodycon dresses can be incredibly flattering when styled correctly. Opt for solid colors or small prints, and pair with shape-enhancing undergarments, like shapewear, if desired.

17. How can I style maxi dresses to suit my frame?
Choose maxi dresses with defined waists to avoid looking shapeless. Pair with wedges or platform sandals to add height. Consider adding a belt to cinch in your waist further.

18. Are there any style icons to look up to?
There are plenty of petite plus size style icons to draw inspiration from. Some popular examples include Rebel Wilson, Melissa McCarthy, and Ashley Graham. Follow their fashion choices to discover what works for you.

19. How can I best dress for the summer season?
Opt for flowy, lightweight fabrics like cotton and linen to keep cool. Choose dresses and skirts in lengths that flatter your height, and don’t forget to wear sunscreen and accessories like sun hats and sunglasses.

20. How can I transition my wardrobe for the colder months?
Layering is key during colder months. Invest in lightweight sweaters and cardigans that flatter your body shape. Pair with leggings or tights and knee-high boots for a cozy and stylish look.

With the ultimate guide to petite plus size fashion, you now have the essential styling tips and tricks to confidently navigate the world of fashion. Embrace your unique body shape, experiment with different styles, and remember to have fun with your wardrobe choices. You deserve to feel empowered and beautiful in every outfit you wear.

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